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1st price in The Young Talent Award 2008

Heidi, Audun and Marianne is posing with the awards from "Young Talent Award 2008". The price money for 1. place was 30.000,- NOK, not enough to get Lull in production, but hopefully the media attention will make this job easier now.

The jury`s verdict:

Lull is based on a marvellous idea. This is a product designed to surprise, and many people will feel it meets a need. The lamp is easy to understand, is well conceived and is clearly developed in consultation with a psychologist and a sleep specialist. By achieving a more gradual transition between sleep and the waking state, it is easier to develop good sleeping habits, which in turn will give more positive energy. Lull combines existing technology with a new form of expression, and represent a completely new approach to a challenging idea. The lamp is beautiful; it fits in well in a variety of environments and is highly functional.


congratulations. I read a lot about it already but still looking on where to buy... can you please help? Once again congratulations to all of you!  7.5.2008 16:05


Heidi is a super cutie

A  5.6.2008 06:16


She's married :)

Her husband  21.6.2008 21:44


where can we buy one and/or when will they be on the market?

HopeFull  8.8.2008 03:47


Within 2009 we hope to have Lull in production. If you sign up for Lull newsletter (on the contact page), we will send information when this happends.

Heidi Buene  11.8.2008 06:30


Hi My name is Terry L, Lull and I live in Seattle, WA...I was just crusing through Google images and I saw your lamp...I like it a lot...sorry I am not a rich man...but when you get it in production let me know!

TL Lull  7.11.2008 07:02


Nice name you got:) You will get a newsletter when lull goes into production and into the stores!

Heidi Buene  7.11.2008 11:35


where can you get this thing?

cujo  23.1.2010 17:56


The lamp is still not for sale! We are hoping that soon some rich person or company out there understand that this is the lamp to go for! Hope all you guys and girls out there will get your wish come through! Including the Lull Crew, Varmo Kollstad Buene.

Marianne Varmo  18.2.2010 20:48

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