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100% Design, London

Lull was exhibited at 100% Design - 100% Norway - Earls Court, London 18th - 21st of September 2008.

Awards for Design Excellence at DogA

Lull on exhibition together with the best of Norwegian Design at DogA, Oslo. The exhibition was open from 27.03.08 to 27.04.08

1st price in The Young Talent Award 2008

The Norwegian Design Council awarded Lull with 1st price in the open class in The Young Talent Award 2008. Lull will be shown in the exhibition "Awards for Design Excellence" at DogA, The Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture.

Lull with LED

We had to make some changes to the Lamp prior to the exhibition at DogA which opens 27.03. Du to the heat from ordinary light bulbs we had to use LED light. A PCB with 5 LEDs at 6W generates the same amount of light similar to a 50 W incandescent light bulb.

Giform 2007

GI Form is a design competition for Norwegian industrial designers - and we won!

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