Lull is an award winning lamp designed by Varmo l Kollstad l Buene from Norway. It is still not in production. There must be someone with the expertise regarding production, marketing and sale willing to invest time and money in this project? If you are you out there, please contact us!


May we remind you that Lull is not in production yet.

This is how we would like it to work:
As a bud during sunrise it stretches its petals to bloom. It opens carefully and dims up to give a powerful morning light. In the evening Lull acts the opposite. When it's time to go to bed, the flower slowly closes while the light is dimming down and it turns into a bud again. The user will experience a gradually dim instead of the abrupt dark you get from a normal lamp when it gets switched off.

Lull is shaped like a flower, and has a calm and soothing apperance when it's closed. When it opens it's energetic and bright. The motion of the petals is controlled by a small motor, and the lamp has a time-adjustable dimmer. It is to be set individually for each users recommended cycle of sleep.

Lull gives your home it's own circadian rhythm adaptable to your unique preferences. Imagine a home where the light dims down to tell you when it's time to go to bed. Contrary to traditional alarm clocks Lull stimulates to a gentle awakening when the lamp is placed in your bedroom. Lull enhances the feeling of safety in your sleeping environment, and it will work well together with already established evening- and morning routines. It easily signalizes when you are suppose to be asleep and awake. The lamp is designed with consultation from psychologist and specialist on sleeping problems; Dr.Staalle Pallesen.

Good sleeping habits gives you the energy you need for an active life.

Prize winner of:

Unge Talenter 2008



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